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David Jones

The Cupid’s Bow (otherwise know as the Roman god of erotic love) takes the beauty stage this summer. Colour stained lips may date back to medieval times but the most famous era that evokes that glamorous polished look was the 50’s.  Hollywood was brimming with starlets from the pretty pouts of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot to the timeless elegance of Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor with all leading ladies dressing their lips in layers of red, pink and orange pigments.

It seems a defined lip has been a sign of allurement for centuries while science shows they come in handy for the cure of all sorts of ailments (when it comes to puckering up of course!). Kissing increases happiness, decreases pain, lowers stress, flights illness and burns calories - umm, all the more reason to lock lips, wouldn’t you say?

Understandably, the focus on our lips be it for love or beauty this summer has us painting our pouts all shades of lusty reds, pinks and tangerine oranges, channelling our glamour goddesses from the fifties. The cinema set today lead the way with current icons sporting strong lips from rouge on Angelina Jolie to powerful pink on pregnant Blake Lively. And while the fluro neons are last year’s rage, the bold citrus stain of a tangerine orange lip is making its mark on actresses Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson. 

Talking of love – Lancôme’s Lip Lover Gift Set is the latest offering from our French friends just in time for the holidays with a colourful lip pack that reduces fine lines and moisturises.

So it is all about bolds but what about texture? “This season is all about a bright matte pout,” says make-up artist Jessica Grumley. “The colour wheel in cosmetics is expanding and lipstick is no exception. The three main hero tones are pink, orange and red but all in a matte texture, gone are the glosses. Anyone can pull off a bright coloured lip; it’s just about finding the correct hue for your skin tone. So if it stands out this season then wear it.” 

So timely the colour king, Napoleon Perdis has just released his modern take on the must have shades with his Greatest Lips Collection filled with two top sellers and three new shades of Matte lipstick so perfected named 'The Fab Five'. Fun Tip - mix two shades together to create a colour that no one else will have. Combining pinks and oranges or reds and pinks will give you a yummy cocktail smile. 

Create a contrasting colour from the Tom Ford lip collection (over 60 shades) - our top picks, True Coral and Scarlet Rouge.

The do’s and the don’ts from our expert Jess Grumley. 

Thankfully the contrasting lip liner of the 90’s has not returned so to help stay between the lines and for a longer lasting wear find the closest matching lip-liner to your stick. 

1. Exfoliate your lips  - keep them smooth! For good application try a gentle exfoliate to discard dead skin cells and wintery dryness. 
2. Moisturise – keep them supple! A good lip conditioner or balm is key to keeping your colour on. Just as you hydrate your skin morning and night the same should be done for your perfect pout! Try applying your h2o hit at night.
3. Before applying your colour dab on some foundation to prime your lips, this will also stop the colour from bleeding. 
4. To keep your look modern try padding some translucent powder over the top of the lipstick to keep your look matte rather than gloss – the 80’s might be influencing the trend buy high gloss lippy is no longer the look. 
5. A final tip, try and match your lip colour to your blush (at least in the same tonal family) too many clashing colours starts to look like an 80’s flashback – Bananarama style!