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David Jones

GrittyPretty.com’s Eleanor Pendleton reveals her skin secrets

We teamed up with GrittyPretty.com’s Eleanor Pendleton, one of this years finalists in the 2014 Pedestrian TV Blogster Awards! Ever wanted to know what a beauty editor slaps on her skin? Eleanor reveals her top skin secrets and beauty products for gorgeous looking skin in time for summer.

Beauty | Gritty Pretty

I know it sounds like something your mother always told you, but seriously, she wasn't kidding. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is not only integral for a healthy body but for healthy skin as well. I drink around two litres a day and add things like cucumber; lemon or strawberries to my jug of water so it makes drinking feel less like a chore! Plus, it makes water instantly Instagram-worthy. And yes, I did just admit that but you were thinking it!

Getting your 8 hours of beauty sleep is essential for optimum skin health. Plus, if you don't get enough shuteye, you are likely to become stressed. This can cause capillaries to tighten up, affecting the flow of nutrients to your skin and therefore causing your complexion to look lacklustre. I've never been much of a night owl – I thrive off early starts – so I'm often in bed before 10pm to be up by 6am. Y-A-W-N, I know.

If there’s a cleanser, toner, serum or moisturiser that’s launched onto the Australian market in the past 8 years, chances are I’ve tested it! Sure, because of my job, my skincare routine switches up all the time but the one constant for me is SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I apply it every single morning and night after cleansing but before my serum – it's what keeps my skin clear, the texture even and the surface looking luminous. It’s my skincare go-to.

Generally, every second Sunday night, I pop on an SK-II Facial Treatment Mask while I paint my nails and squeeze in a little Harvey Spector (Suits) time (red wine is optional). Now, my poor boyfriend is used to coming home and seeing me regularly look like Hannibal Lecter. 

I’m all about dual-purpose products and I love nothing more than a foundation that does it all. Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup
not only makes my skin look airbrushed; it also contains SPF 25 for added sun protection and an anti-ageing serum to reduce fine lines and rehydrate skin. Genius.