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David Jones

How To: Fierce Feline Eyes

Drawing eyeliner
JONES Beauty Director Danielle Jackson shares her master tips for the perfect cat eye.

One of my favourite makeup looks for soiree season (or indeed, any season) is the cat eye. It's sultry yet personifies elegance (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's) and once applied, will last all day and night if need be. 

There's a few easy tricks to mastering the fierce feline eye. 

Eyelids are oily by nature. Trying to apply a liquid eyeliner direct onto your eyelids is like to trying to paint a portrait on an ice skating rink. The end result won't be pretty unless you prep properly. Your aim is to eradicate the oil and create a solid base to work on.
The simple two-step prep I swear by? Apply foundation all over your eyelid. Lightly dust a nude or neutral eye shadow across the lid and up to your eye socket. Prepping with foundation and a powdery neutral shade will give you a solid canvas to create your cat eye on. 

Pick your formula. Eye pencil will give a soft, smudged-out rock chic effect while liquid liner is perfect for a razor sharp finish. Once you've chosen your liner, start drawing the line. I tend to hold my eyelid in place by popping a finger (from my left hand) near the inner part of my eye. I hold the liner in my right hand then start from the inner corner of the eye and neatly draw along the upper lid in small strokes. A great tip for beginners is to create your line with a pencil first, then seal it in with a liquid liner on top. Don't worry if you aren't precise. Mistakes can easily be rectified with a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover.

The end tail of the cat eye is what makes the look. An upwards flick towards the end of your eyebrow is essential. It lifts your face and gives the look that feline effect.

The final step? Once your liner is dry, carefully curl your lashes to open them up then finish with two to three coats of mascara.

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