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David Jones

How To Create the Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Burberry Eye Statement

Creating the perfect winged eyeliner is daunting to every woman. One little slip and your eyes can go from rockstar to panda bear and the whole process has to start over again. Luckily, the beauty team at Burberry have launched their new eye collection which is an Australian department store exclusive at David Jones - new mascaras, liners and brow definers to help you create the perfect look every single time. 

1. Using Burberry Eyes Effortless Liquid Eyeliner, start at the outer end of the eye to create a blueprint of where your line is going to go. Draw a diagonal line from the corner of the eye about halfway up toward the end of the eyebrow. This way, you can map out the specific shape and angle of your flick.

2. Draw another line that meets with the first line to create a sharp point. Draw this shape first to make sure you're happy with it - it's much easier to wipe it off and start over from this stage rather than further down the track.

3. From the inner corner of the eye, begin drawing a line that extends all the way over to meet the second line. This finalizes the overall shape of your winged eyeliner. Let the brush fluidly move along the natural curve of your eyeball - this creates the perfect line that suits the shape of your eye. 

4. Finally, use the brush to colour it all in! Press the pen carefully into the skin to make sure there are no gaps in between the lashes and liner.

5. Use a damp cotton-tip to iron out any jagged edges or uneven lines.

Want to check out the whole Burberry eye collection? Click here to shop now, and watch their campaign video below!