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David Jones

Runway Ready Hair: Fresh and modern

For AW15 Fashion Launch, Aveda has created two hairstyles that present a strong yet feminine look. Tied back or left loose, the must-have hair looks of the season incorporated texture and movement, perfect for the girl on the move. 

“We have created two styles for a girl who has confidently settled into her looks as the night draws to a close. The texture is soft and light, which is a key element across both styles and is an anchor for a fresh and modern look that plays to themes of mixing strong and feminine,” says Terri Robertson-Kirkwood, Aveda’s lead creative director for David Jones. 


Follow the step-by-step guide below to recreate these styles:

Look 1
  1. Prep hair by spraying Pure Abundance™ Style-Prep at the root.
  2. To style, add a generous amount of Phomollient™ Styling Foam (approx. 3-4 pumps) to hair.
  3. Next create a strong, smooth blow-dry that leaves life in the hair and natural volume at the crown. Use a large bristle brush and be sure to keep air behind your brush with slow movements. To create an extra smooth finish, hold the hair at the end of the brush before releasing.
  4. Once dry, create a strong, centre part.
  5. Take a large section and spritz hair with a light mist of Air Control™ Hair Spray.
  6. Create soft texture by using large tongs on each section and a slow-sliding, vertical movement to mid-lengths. To create texture without a defined curl, do not close tongs or wrap tightly.
  7. To create extra texture for that slightly undone look, take a hairdryer and use a slow, sliding movement from the root.
  8. Finish with a light spritz of Air Control™ Hair Spray to set.
Look 2
  1. Prep hair by following steps of Look 1 to create the same texture.
  2. Once steps for look 1 are completed, create a strong side part. As a general rule, the side part will start slightly to the left of the highest point of the eyebrow.
  3. Gently tease hair with a teasing brush from behind the crown to add additional support but not volume. Keep texture light and slightly undone.
  4. Pull hair back into a low ponytail that is tight on the nape and situated just below the hairline. Ensure hair is pulled to loosely over the ear but allow the earlobe to be seen.
  5. Very gently ease each side of the ponytail out slightly on either side.
  6. Secure ponytail with hair elastic. Once secure, wrap a small strand of hair around hair tie and secure with Control Force Hair Spray.
  7. Finish the look with a very light spritz of Air Control™ Hair Spray to hold pieces but still allows a few fly-aways to keep the texture soft and edgy.