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How science is revamping skincare

Portrait close up of Jessica Gomes, campaign image from her Equal Beauty skincare range. Jessica Gomes

The pursuit of flawless skin can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Just when you’ve found the perfect face wash, you realise you need toner. And once you’ve got your toner routine down, you discover face oils are a thing. Then of course there are moisturisers, scrubs, sunscreens, serums, masks and mists. Do you need them all, or is one product enough? Often you can’t ask your friends either, because your skin types don’t align. So how do you know where to start?

Thankfully, orchestrating the perfect morning routine is becoming easier, and it’s all thanks to science.

Now a category in its own right, scientific skincare offers a highly medical approach to caring for your complexion. Creating innovative product formulations and exploring new technologies, leaders in the field such as Bioeffect, Dermalogica and Foreo are delivering salon-grade skincare solutions for you to use at home. It’s no wonder model Jessica Gomes is the latest to devote herself to the scientific skincare cause, with the launch of her new range Equal Beauty.

This world of laboratory-grown skincare isn’t just about concealing your skin woes; it’s about the remedy. Backed by science, these products will add a therapeutic touch to your daily routine, promising effective solutions to a range of the most common skincare issues.

Equal Beauty – Moisture Veil

Created by model Jessica Gomes, the recently launched Equal Beauty is a fragrance-free line that prioritises the hydration and protection of your skin, with all products in the range focused on delivering these results. Thanks to locally sourced key ingredients and utilising cutting edge mask technologies from Korea and Japan, the range is truly global in its outlook.

The Equal Beauty Moisture Veil is the face mask of the future. Sit back and relax as 3D sculpting mask technology follows the contours of your face, for optimal skin contact and the delivery of natural moisturising factors. Offering Hydralift and Hydrafirm actives for a face that is not only deeply hydrated, but also firm and lifted.

Equal Beauty by Jessica Gomes will launch on Wednesday 15th March, available online and in store.

FOREO – LUNA’ Mini 2 Facial Brush

The FOREO mission is simple – to brighten your life, with their innovative sonic cleansing devices. Uniting world-class experts, product designers and engineers at the FOREO Institute, the company is in the business of setting new benchmarks in the pursuit of better beauty – and life – standards.

The FOREO LUNA’ Mini 2 facial brush is a silicone skincare device that channels pulsations at various intensity levels, designed specifically for facial cleansing and anti-aging. Conceptualised in Sweden, the LUNA’ Mini is suitable for all skin types, featuring thinner touch-points to gently cleanse sensitive to normal skin, with thicker touch-points for precision cleaning on the front, and broad touch-points to refresh oilier skin on the back.

Bioeffect – Serum

Iceland-based BIOEFFECT isn’t what you’d expect from a skincare company. In fact, they never planned on becoming a skincare company at all; it was science that led them there. Inspired by the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of growth factors in 1986, three Icelandic scientists set out to develop a method to bioengineer these human growth factors in Barley. Soon after, Bioeffect's genius serum was born.

Offering the original, ground breaking cellular activators formula, the anti-ageing serum delivers visible, dramatic improvements to the skin. Not only does it renew, revive and restore your skin as it moisturises, it also reduces age-related changes, such as wrinkles and fine lines. Better yet, it’s hypoallergenic and cruelty-free.

Dermalogica – Superfoliant

One of the first brands to approach skincare through a more scientific lens, Dermalogica is dedicated to delivering skin health results through education, innovation, and professional recommendations. Their packaging might be plain, but their products are backed by proof – featuring only ingredients that are sure to work.

A highly active powder for everyday use, Dermalogica’s Daily Superfoliant is great for skin types needing a more aggressive and advanced microfoliation treatment. It leaves the skin ultra smooth, detoxifies and offers vital protection from skin-ageing pollutants.