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David Jones

Hit List of Colour Palettes for the Party Season

The colours of summer have sprung up around us. Crystal aqua blue waters sparkle in the sun, sunsets are a blaze of roaring reds, blistering oranges and shimmering golden hues smouldering in the sky. The rainbow clusters of sweet scented blossoming florals, citrus tinted frangipanis, sapphire stained forget-me-nots and pretty as pink peonies. Shop the full range of colour palettes here.

As the temperature rises it’s time to welcome the bright and bold tones that sunshine soaked days evoke. And while your wardrobe is busy transforming from wintery blacks so should your beauty cabinet.

Trending this this season is a colour explosion with neon lined lips to lavender-laden lashes. Put your boring beiges and nudes away, a hint of 80’s inspired glamour is what’s hot! 

Colour placement is key, choosing pops of blue, greens and purple tones on eyes or blasts of fire red on lips is the most striking way to wear this trend. It’s important to know how to wear colour, it’s a make or break scenario that could have you looking more Boy George than Cindy Crawford.
Leading Make-up artist Liz Kelsh offers some simple tips to keep your colour in check:
“The seasons top trends consist of strong vibrant colours, punchy oranges, reds and fuchsia pinks for lips and an array of purple tones on the eyes. For lips the key to keeping it modern is to have a matte finish but if you have found a perfect shade in a cream texture try padding some translucent powder over the top of the lipstick and it turns matte.”

And when it comes to the peepers Kelsh suggests a soft touch, “The best way to apply colour to the eyelids is stick to soft washes such as a light violet rather than a deep purple. Keep the rest of your make-up minimal and let the pop of colour make the statement. A tip in applying shadow is making sure it is well blended by using a large eye shadow blending brush.”

And for those not wanting to overdo the trend Kelsh recommends trying a simple coloured eye pencil rather than shadow to create a defined eye.
Her final tip about colour see’s cheeks and lips matching,
“ Its good to match your cheek colour with you lipstick tone. An orange lip would work well with a coral blush, keeping it in the same colour family.”

What hue suits you! A shadow guide:
Green eyes – accentuate your monstrous colour by using purples and plums, limey greens and glittery goldens. Try Lancôme Limited Edition Make-up Look Book $85.
Brown eyes  - the big browns pop with royal blues, hot pinks and for the brave tangy tangerine. Try Burberry slate blue shadow $85.
Blue eyes  - for the baby blues violet hues as well as turquoise and fuchsia for fun. Try Shu Uemura Shupette Limited eye & lip palette $140 .

You're invited to get your colour on! Discover the Colour Up David Jones Beauty Festival here.