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The DJs Beauty Team

How To: Home Facials

When it's too cold to go out, why not have a night in and pamper yourself with a facial at home? Winter is the perfect time for this as your skin gets exposed to cold weather elements and needs a little bit of TLC. 

Our Beauty Style Advisors, experts in all things skincare, breaks it down to a simple 4-step process plus shares some insider tips for a DIY facial.

1. Start with a cleansing oil

Remove your makeup and other build up with a cleansing oil. Make sure your hair is tied back so that you're working with the entire surface of your face, including the hairline, as well as your neck.

Beauty Style Advisor Tip: 
If you're starting with makeup on, use a cleansing oil; otherwise you can skip this step.

2. Double-cleanse with a facial brush

Using a facial brush means that you can cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin at the same time. It also gives it a deep clean, leaving it glowing and smooth.

Our favourite facial brush is from Clarisonic, which has really changed the way women clean their skin. Wet the brush head and fill the entire inner circle of your Clarisonic Cleansing System with a gel or cream cleanser that suits your skin type. Avoid scrubs or anything with microbeads as it will be too rough on your skin.  Move the facial brush against your face in light circular movements, making sure you cover hard-to-reach areas like your T-zone.

DJs Beauty Advisor Tip: 
The Clarisonic Mia 2 beeps to let you know when to move on to a different part of your face.

We recommend (pictured above, from left to right): Mia 2 Cleansing Device in Limited Edition Bleached Denim and Refreshing Gel Cleanser, both by Clarisonic

3. Apply a mask

Cleansing will leave your skin squeaky clean and can now more readily absorb skin enhancing treatments, like a mask. There are masks for different purposes so pick one that will address what your skin needs.

DJs Beauty Advisor Tip: 
Only apply a mask 1-2 times a week as too often can strip your skin of its natural oils.

4. Finish with a serum first, then moisturise.

Serums have anti-aging ingredients like antioxidants, plus it helps boost your skin's overall health. Pat it on then apply moisturiser to seal it in.

DJs Beauty Advisor Tip: 
Use a night cream if you're doing a facial before bed.