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David Jones

Bobbi Brown visits Australia

Almost every one has heard of Bobbi Brown's story: launching with only 10 brown-based lipsticks, Bobbi expected to sell 100 in a month but ended up selling 100 in the first day.

Visiting Australia and appearing at an intimate cocktail party hosted by David Jones, every woman's makeup hero, Bobbi Brown sat down with Bahar Etminan from Rescu for a private interview.

RESCU: When I first met you, I think I was 27 years old, and I’d been doing my makeup a certain way for the ten years or so that I’d been wearing makeup. And I asked you, ‘What would you do to change my makeup?’ And I remember I was wearing this crazy fuchsia lipstick, and you introduced me to the joy that is Roseberry, and I’ve never stopped!
BOBBI BROWN: You know why? Because the crazy fuchsia lipstick is what people see when they see it, and now they see you.

RESCU: It was actually revolutionary...but one of the things that, to me, was a game-changer coming into the [beauty] industry was ‘Pretty Powerful’. That campaign and that philosophy from a cosmetic brand really flipped the whole conversation on its head. What was the inspiration for that?
BOBBI BROWN: It was very organic, everything you ask me about I could tell you an organic story. I was shooting my teen book – Beauty Rules – and we were shooting at my studio in Monte Clare and all of the ads for the season were retouched models, and it was during a downturn in business. I was looking at these young girls on the screen on the photographer’s camera with and without makeup and I’m like ‘Oh my god, the difference a little concealer makes, a little foundation, a little blush… It would be amazing to do an ad campaign which showed real women with and without makeup’. And it just became pretty without makeup, but you become pretty powerful with a little bit of makeup. It became the campaign for the moment and it’s now the DNA of this brand.

RESCU: Is there a favourite makeup trick that you have that can transform a face?
BOBBI BROWN: I think it’s a combination of makeup and moisturiser. Honestly people don’t realise how much just putting a good moisturiser on top of your makeup makes you look so much better. Because makeup can sometimes drain you if it’s not the right texture, not the right colour, so moisturizer on top is an amazing trick. And don’t leave home without your corrector and concealer, because when you get stressed, you get tired in the afternoon and the darkness comes back, so just that touching up and pinching your cheeks is really transformative.

RESCU: You have been quoted as saying, ‘Concealer is the secret of the universe’ and I do tend to agree as a working mother! Is there at tip or trick you have for finding the right colour? If you’re not able to get help at a counter, do you have a rule?
BOBBI BROWN: Well you need to choose a concealer one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. But that said, concealer is not enough. I created corrector because concealer only does so much, but it’s really the depth on the inside that corrector lifts. And it even works if you put concealer on and need to refresh, you can do the corrector on top. It just really brightens and lifts, because right here [under the eye] it’s depth, and it just lifts. And if that doesn’t work, you’ve got to get a good pair of glasses.

RESCU: You’ve created quite a lot of nude options, so if you want to keep the nude look…
BOBBI BROWN: But what is the nude look? That’s the problem… some people think Bobbi Brown is all-natural. Well guess what? There’s colours. There’s bright colours, there’s some some dark colours, right? People think it’s just a washed out look but it’s not. If you use the wrong colours, it’s a washed out look. Nude makeup is not barely there, nude makeup is colours that are right for your skin. Once you have colours that are right for your skin, you could be a Las Vegas showgirl and only wear Bobbi makeup, and still have plenty of makeup on. You just need the right colours for your skin tone.

RESCU: Well that’s excellent advice. If you had to put together a perfect little kit to keep with you in your office, what would it be?
BOBBI BROWN: Well this is my travel kit…  [empties bag] This is the greatest thing in the world: it’s an empty palette we sell. I keep in it foundation, corrector, concealer and blush. So that’s one. Bronzer. A light eye shadow to go with it. Then we’ve got blushes, the natural blush and then a pop. Of course you’ve got your moisturiser, and then a gel eyeliner.

Read more at rescu.com.au.

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