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David Jones

Best MBFWA Beauty Looks

M.A.C. Cosmetics have long been the go-to makeup brand for designers during fashion week. Here they take us backstage during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia for a close-up look at the beauty looks created specially for the shows. From the 'individual beauty' looks at Bianca Spender to the sporty-techno feel at P.E. Nation, here are some of our favourites.

Rebecca Vallance

The beauty look: A fresh, Palm Springs-vibe to give a Resort-like feel.

Created by: M.A.C. Senior Artist Carol Mackie

Recreate the look: This wearable look is soft and achievable for anyone to recreate. Apply Studio Face and Body Foundation over moisturised skin and softly highlight with Cream Colour Base in Hush and Pearl. Add a vibrant modern red lip with Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Feel So Grand all over the bottom lip and simply rub lips together so the colour transfers to top lip. Perfect around the edges with Lip Pencil in Cherry for polished perfection. 

Bianca Spender

The look: Seven different looks were created for the show, emphasising the idea of 'Individual Beauty'. 

Created by: Makeup artist Victoria Baron

Recreate the  look: Key to the show's looks is to have a good base and foundation. Start by spritzing Prep and Prime Fix+ to refresh skin. Massage Prep and Prime Moisture Infusion into skin using a #180 buffer brush, then buff Studio Face and Body Foundation to lightly even out skin using the same brush. Using a #224 brush, lightly pat Studio Finish Concealer where needed.

P.E. Nation

The look: "Sporty techno motorcross liner, thick fairground, and glow in the dark fun!"

Created by: M.A.C. Senior Artist Carol Mackie

Christopher Esber

The look: "My inspiration was to create a feeling of effortless sexiness where the girls' natural beauty shines. The eyes are the key focus, defined in soft blacks with a strategic placement of gold glitter that sparkles with every movement — its a fresh take on modern glamour."

Created by: Makeup artist Victoria Baron

Recreate the look: Hydrate skin with Prep and Prime Fix+ and Lightful C Softening Lotion. Massage Prep and Prime Essential Oils into skin with #168 brush then even out skin tone with Studio Face and Body Foundation. Finish and polish skin with Studio Finish Concealer using a #217 brush.
For the first look, create a“bruised eye” by gently buffing Camel Coat Pro Longwear Paint Pot from base of eyelid up and towards the brow fading out as you go. Dab Shine Mixing Medium on top of eyelid. Get the second, “silver eye” look by mixing Platinum Pigment with Mixing Medium and apply onto the eye with a #205 fan brush. Finish by combing brows up and set with Clear Brow Set, then press Shine Mixing Medium on top of the lips to finish.

Ginger & Smart

The look: "The key focus of the look is the moonshaped liner directly under the lash line in a burnt orange/brown colour. This colour is seen throughtout the collection. The skin is also a focus, and is delicately highlighted."

Created by: Makeup artist Victoria Baron

Recreate the look: With a key focus feature like the moonshaped liner, you need beautiful skin to make it pop. Start by giving the skin a good drink! Push Lightful C Softening Lotion into the skin with a sponge to soften and prep the skin. Then massage Prep + Prime Essential Oils in with your hands until it's absorbed and skin feels soft and supple. Apply Studio Face and Body Foundation with a #168 Large Angled Contour Brush, followed by a little Studio Finish Concealer where needed with a fluffy #217 Blending Brush to erase any dark circles or blemishes. Highlight with Cream Colour Base dabbed on with your fingertips to the cheekbones and cupid’s bow. Brush up brows with Clear Brow Set