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David Jones

A Day in the Life of a Beauty Advisor

Navigating through the beauty and cosmetics floor of David Jones can be daunting to some,we get it. Cosmetic counters with glossy images and rows upon rows of makeup encased in pretty packages all vie for your attention; the choice is vast and the promise of beauty endless. But if you’re not what’s known in the industry as a ‘makeup person’, then it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. 

“A lot of the shoppers who come to us and book an appointment with a Beauty Advisor mostly fall into three categories,” explains Tina Andrews, part of the Beauty Advisor team at the David Jones Elizabeth St store in Sydney. “Some are looking to try something new, some are time-poor, and some just don’t know where to start; this last group are typically your ‘non-makeup people.’” 

Tina is one of the first Beauty Advisors at David Jones. With over 15 years experience working the beauty floor, she’s an expert at identifying different types of shoppers and finding out their true beauty needs. “It can be a little difficult when they don’t know what they need,” admits Tina with a laugh. “But I’ve always found asking questions and really listening to their answers are good starting points because oftentimes, most people who don’t know makeup are not sure what to ask.”

With Beauty Advisor services* now available to book online, we ask Tina to take us through her day on the cosmetics floor.


“When the store opens, I walk over to each cosmetics counter to have a quick chat with each beauty brand’s staff. Having worked here for a long time, I know most of them by name, and it helps to get the inside info on which products are flying off the shelves and any new makeup or skincare launches.”


“My first appointment is for a Makeup Bag Makeover, where the shopper brings in their personal makeup bag and we review its content to make sure it has their makeup essentials, which are the products they need for day-to-day wear. 

I ask questions like “How much time do you want to spend on makeup each day?” and “What type of look do you want to achieve?” to get an understanding of how they use their existing makeup, then we look at whether their makeup is helping them get the results they want. For example, if they are the type of person who is always rushing to finish their makeup in the morning, we look at multi-tasking products to cut down the products and time they need to get ready before they head off to work.”


“Midday is typically pretty busy for us Beauty Advisors as people who work around the city book an appointment during their lunch break; this particular one is for skincare called Skin Ritual. 

The Skin Ritual appointment is perfect for those who have a skincare issue like oily or sensitive skin, and want to know how to treat and incorporate it within their daily skincare routine. I talk them through the basic steps of morning and night skincare and then identify their problem areas. I then suggest 2-3 products based on these, but because skincare is so personal and different to each individual, I get samples from the beauty counters where it’s available so that the shopper can test the product first for a few days and see how it works on their skin.”


“One of my favourite appointments is when I’m introducing the latest makeup and beauty products that have just launched. This appointment is called What’s New and it’s a chance to show shoppers new products they may have just seen or heard about, and get them to try it for themselves. 

There is so much innovation happening in makeup, skincare and fragrance now that there’s always something new and exciting to talk about, and I love taking the shopper to each makeup counter to explore and have a play with the product. But I still ask the shopper questions about what their beauty focus is so that I only show them products that are useful and helps solve their beauty needs.”

Beauty Advisor services are complementary and are typically 30mins to 1hr long. Discover more of our Beauty Services and find out how to book them online.

* Beauty Advisor services are currently only at selected David Jones stores but soon to be expanded to all stores across Australia.