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The best hair oils for seriously luscious locks

Image courtesy of Christophe Robin Paris

Image courtesy of Christophe Robin Paris

We found you the best hair oils for summer

If you want to take your hair care to the next level for the New Year, you may want to start with oil. We know it sounds counter-intuitive – isn’t the point to make your hair not greasy? Wouldn’t oil do the opposite? But after doing our homework, we discovered that hair oils deliver a wealth of benefits we never even knew.

Not only do they act as a lubricant – goodbye tangled tresses – hair oils are also an amazing heat protectant, helping to stop your hair from becoming dry and damaged. Better yet, they contain fatty acids that replace the lipids in your hair when it starts to appear thin and fine, preventing the formation of unsightly split ends. 

Ready to take your locks from drab to fab? Keep reading to shop the best hair oils for summer…

ORIBE | Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil

This luxuriously light oil by Oribe absorbs instantly to restore your hair to its prime. Infused with a rich blend of jasmine, edelweiss flower, lychee, sandalwood, cassis, bergamot and argan extracts, each protective drop penetrates the hair to deeply condition, strengthen and smooth, delivering intense nourishment and incredible shine. Works wonders on dry, damaged and colour-treated hair – liquid  gold.

CHRISTOPHE ROBIN | Moisturising hair oil with lavender

If you like to take a more natural approach to your hair care regime, this product is for you. Free of parabens and silocone, Christophe’s Robin’s moisturing hair oil is known for its ability to deeply repair sensitive hair. Composed of 97.5% natural oils, this product is also suitable for all hair types – plus it smells amazing, can’t argue with that.

R +CO | TINSEL Smoothing Oil

Offering a luxurious combination of Egyptian argan oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil, this Tinsel Smoothing Oil by R+CO has been formulated to leave your hair impossibly shine and frizz-free. Excellent for annoying, woolly hair, this styling staple can be used on wet hair, combed through or blown dry. It’s also vegan and cruelty free.

SISLEY | Hair & Scalp Extract

If your hair and scalp have been damaged by UV rays, styling products and colour treatments, Sisley’s Hair & Scalp Extract is for you. Offering a formula that fortifies and encourages regular hair growth, this wonder product combines the action of botanical extracts and essential oils to fight daily environmental aggressors.

AESOP | Shine

Featuring natural ingredients including Jojoba and Borage seeds, Shine by Aesop is a new lightweight hydrating oil that softens, tames and adds lustre to your locks, without residual build-up or oily residue. Suited to all hair types, this aromatic elixir is particularly good for course, dry, thick, frizzy or wavy tresses.

KIEHL'S | Magic Elixir

If you want to improve the overall health of your hair, Kiehl’s Magic Elixir is for you. When used regularly, this potent concentration of natural oils penetrates your hair and scalp with a unique, therapeutic action that works to restructure your hair back to health.

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