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Your body will thank you for using Lqd skincare

Lqd Founder, Anthony McDonough Lqd Founder, Anthony McDonough

Lqd founder Anthony McDonough on the science behind skincare

There’s something satisfying about finding the perfect skincare regime. A routine that keeps you clean but not irritated, moisturised but not greasy, and shaven without that post-shave red skin look. That’s why we love Lqd.   

Designed for men who care about how they look and feel, Lqd keeps your skin at its best while slowing down the ageing process. To learn more about the range, we spoke to founder Anthony McDonough on the science behind skincare. 
Flat lay of Lqd products Image courtesy of Lqd SHOP NOW

JONES: Describe Lqd Skincare in one sentence?

Anthony McDonough: Lqd combines the best ingredients from nature, with the latest breakthrough ingredients in skin care science, to deliver a no-nonsense, uniquely masculine collection of award winning products that deliver visible results.

J: What prompted you to create a men’s skincare range?

AM: I’ve been training my whole life; in the gym, on the bike and in the ocean. When you train hard you shower often, so you need products that can remove the sweat and grime of not only training but day to day life that aren’t too harsh, with the ability to replenish the balance of oils in your skin. I searched the world to find irritant free products that lived up to this and after 20 years of not finding what I needed, I created Lqd to fill that void.

J: We’re approaching the holiday season; are Lqd products travel-friendly?

AM: Absolutely, we actually make our hydrate in a 100mL size purposely so that it can be carried in your hand luggage when flying internationally, as during flight is one of the most important times to keep your skin hydrated.

We also sell an essentials travel pack which includes our 5 essential products (wash, scrub, shave, calm, hydrate) inside a zip locked highly durable water proof neoprene toiletry bag.

Flat lay of Lqd products Image courtesy of Lqd SHOP NOW

J: How does Lqd differ to other men’s skincare products?

AM: Most men’s skincare products are simply women’s products that have been re-coloured, re-fragranced and re-packaged to sell to men. They also include known skin irritants like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, colours and fragrances.

When developing Lqd we started by asking men what challenges they faced and how they wanted their skin to feel. [We found that] because guys often shave daily – even those with beards and designer stubble – they were ending up with dry, red and irritated skin, however they wanted their skin to feel soft, supple and hydrated. While women are more concerned about being wrinkle free, men are more focussed on their skin looking and feeling healthy.

To achieve this, we incorporate high levels of AHA’s, BHA’s, anti-irritants, anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants and anti-aging peptides. We also leave out all known skin irritants. This combination of irritant free and high efficacy formulations makes Lqd products unique.

J: You studied science at Melbourne University. How has this background in biochemistry helped you to develop your products?

AM: I decided from the beginning that every product in the range would be backed by science and the ingredients we used would have proven abilities to improve the quality of men’s skin. I looked at what scientific research existed around skin care ingredients and what was known on how these ingredients act/interact with the different chemical pathways of the body. It became clear that any irritants in skin care products cause the skin to age faster than it would on its own; therefore, all of our products are irritant free. 

Lqd Image courtesy of Lqd SHOP NOW

J: What are three skincare products that all men should have in their vanity?

AM: If you can only choose three products, I would say:

  1. Face Wash – Most guys use high foaming sulfate products that rip the skin of its natural oils leaving it feeling tight and dry. Lqd’s low foaming pH balanced aloe vera & kaolin clay based face wash removes the grime without removing essential skin oils, to leave the skin feeling clean, smooth and hydrated.
  2. Face Shave – over 40% of guys suffer redness and irritation when shaving, due to the irritants in the foam or gel they use. Lqd’s non-irritant shaving cream lathers rather than foams and creates an ultra-slick barrier between the skin and razor to give a closer shave without the irritation.
  3. Face Hydrate – most men’s moisturisers are gel based and sit on top of the skin, running into your eyes as soon as you start sweating, Lqd’s thick soothing moisturising cream rubs completely into the skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and hydrated.
Flay lay of Lqd products Image courtesy of Lqd SHOP NOW

J: What has the Lqd journey taught you about men’s skincare?

AM: Men don’t want a lot of fuss around skin care. They just want great products that actually work. They don’t buy into the “beauty myth” but instead look for products that are honest and have integrity. One of the reasons we’ve been so successful is that when men try our products they actually notice a difference in their skin. They may have been using a competitor for years, but once they try Lqd, they don’t switch back.

J: Tell us about your recent involvement with London Fashion Week Men’s?

AM: As part of our launch into the UK, we teamed up with the British Fashion Council to become the principal skin care sponsor for LFWM’s. LFWM’s is recognised as the most innovative Men’s Fashion Event Globally, so it made sense for the world’s most innovative skin care brand to also be involved.

J: What’s next for Lqd?

AM: We have over a dozen new products in our pipeline for 2018 including solution based products to combat skin-aging, acne prone skin and skin detoxification. During 2018, we will also launch our non-irritant hair care range which also includes anti hair-loss peptides, which will be another industry first.