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David Jones

Complexion Perfection

Bahar Etminan is the powerhouse behind Rescu.com.au, the online destination providing advice on how to live a fabulous life. In her recently launched book, Rescu Me! The Makeover Guide For A Life More Fabulous, she's compiled practical recommendations and empowering insights from experts she's worked with, covering topics such as relationships, women's health, finances, fashion and beauty. 

Read on for an excerpt from the book on how to achieve a perfect complexion, featuring expert advice from celebrity makeup artist, Michael Brown.

‘Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin.’ This quote from Japanese makeup master Shu Uemura has always stuck with me. How true it is! Good foundation is sometimes thought of as a cloak of coverage that hides all the imperfections we don’t want to see. It can become very mask-like, a stand-out focus of your look. However, ask any makeup artist and they will tell you that fabulous foundation should be invisible – it might be one of the most important parts of our makeup, but it’s the one nobody should really know is there.

The goal when applying any level of coverage to the face, be it a sheer BB cream, a tinted moisturiser or a matte foundation, should be to end up with real-looking second skin, with extra glow and a more even tone…Your face, only better. A liquid, cream or powder foundation you love is actually one of the last steps to skin success. Start by spending extra time priming your face, and correcting skin conditions to achieve complexion perfection is an easy process.


Most women know whether their skin is oily, combination or dry and most foundations are labelled to match. The texture and consistency of the foundation you choose also plays a big part in how long your foundation stays put and looks fresh.

OILY SKIN (All over shine with large pores)

Oil-free foundations will suit you best, but also consider the texture.

  • Matte finishes will give you a smooth finish if you have enlarged pores. Go for a semi-matte finish if you like to wear a liquid.
  • Powder mineral foundations create a smooth, oil-free glow better than a thick powder foundation.
  • Avoid dewy, creamy, light reflecting formulas – you can illuminate areas of your face with highlighter over the top of a longer-wear base.

COMBINATION SKIN (Only T-Zone shine, often dehydrated, not tight or dry)

  • Semi-matte finishes are perfect as they smooth the skin, allowing a slight glow – rely on highlighter to give cheekbones extra radiance.
  • If you choose a dewy liquid because you are most concerned about counteracting dehydration, follow it with pressed powder on your T-zone.
  • Water-based foundations are great for hydrating the skin without adding shine to the T-zone.

DRY SKIN (Often sensitive, feels tight, no shine)

  • This skin needs to glow, so liquid or cream foundations are best.
  • Oil-based foundations can also nourish, doubling as care inside coverage.
  • Liquid foundations will give you an instant dewiness and moisture boost, but the lighter the liquid texture, the more likely it will be to slip into expression lines on dry or mature skin.
  • If shine isn’t your thing, look for an oil-based cream texture that will both nourish your skin and give you a semi-matte finish. This will wear much better than a dry powder.

Want more expert advice? Buy the book here.