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The DJs Beauty Team

My Favourite Makeup Brush

Makeup gurus Alphie Sadsad of Bobbi Brown, Shev Kelly of Napoleon Perdis and Victoria Baron share their must-have brush in their makeup kits.

Victoria Baron, Celebrity Makeup Artist

What is your favourite makeup brush and why? 
Picking a favourite makeup brush is VERY tricky but if I was going to pick one it would be the Chanel Pinceau Contour Paupiéres No.14 Contour Shadow brush. It's my go to brush for blending shadows and liner close to the lash line, highlighting delicate areas such as the inner corners of the eye and top of the cupid's bow, and precision placement of colours. I have sometimes even used it as a lip brush to create the perfect lip. It's very versatile ... I have 10 of them. 

Can you share any tips for taking care of your brushes? 

Brushes are one of the most important tools of the makeup trade. They can be expensive but worth the investment if you look after them. Try and keep them separate to all your makeup in a nice case (not squished in your makeup bag with everything else) to avoid them changing shape or getting covered in unwanted makeup. 

Keep them clean. When you wash them, I use shampoo or cake soap to remove all the product and germs and try to keep them in the shape they are in rather then russling the hairs in the  wrong direction. Squeeze out any excess water and lay them flat on a towel overnight. They should be dry by the morning. Never stand them up to dry as over time the water sits in the base of the brush and damages the hairs and the binding that keeps them in the handle. 
How often do you replace your brushes? 
I invested in good quality brushes and have looked after them well. Only this year did I start replacing my first expensive brushes from 10 years ago. You only really replace them when they have lost their shape or start losing hairs and looking shabby.

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Alphie Sadsad, Senior Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown

What is your favourite makeup brush and why?
When it comes to my all-time favourite brushes, it’s a tie between Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Brush - your foundation brush, powder brush and blending brush all in one. It's made of hundreds of taklon bristles that prevent liquids from absorbing into the brush.  

Can you share any tips for taking care of your brushes?
Caring for your brushes will extend their life expectancy.  Between makeup applications I recommend a spray brush cleaner such as Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning Spray which cleans and conditions the hair and prevents snapping.  When using a spray brush cleaner, spray the product on kitchen paper or tissue then gentle swipe the brush back and forth, wiggling the hair slightly (but not bending) until clean.  You may need to repeat the process. 

Every month or so, give brushes a more thorough clean using shampoo (either a proper brush shampoo or baby shampoo – not standard shampoo that may leave a coating on the fibres).  Never wet your brush handles, always squeeze-dry the bristles and lay brushes flat to dry. 

How often do you replace your brushes? 
Brushes are an investment – if you take care of them like you take care of your hair, they’ll last a very long time.

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Shev Kelly, Global Makeup Artist for Napoleon Perdis

What is your favourite makeup brush and why? 
Its without doubt the Sculpting Brush No. 10r. This game-changer makes blending eyeshadow a breeze and it's the ultimate smokey eye tool. Plus it can be used to conceal, contour and highlight. Ah-mazing! 
Can you share any tips for taking care of your brushes? 
Many makeup brushes on the market are made with natural hair bristles, for quality and durability reasons. To care for your brushes and keep your bristles smooth and soft, just like hair, adding a conditioner works wonders. Simply apply a drop of conditioner after shampoo and rinse thoroughly for the best result. 

For hard to shift stains like red lipstick and water proof makeup, try using makeup remover. It’s a simple and effective way to get your brushes clean and perfect for women on the go! Avoid damaging your brushes after washing, it is important to leave them to dry on the side and squeeze out any excess water. If brushes are placed upright after washing, excess water may trickle into the handle and ferrule (the metal band around the handle) causing rust and deterioration. 

Finally, don't blow dry your makeup brushes as the heat can melt the glue on the brush wand. This can lead to your brush head separating from the wand. Heat can also cause ‘split-ends’ on each bristle resulting in a rough and harsh feeling when used on the skin.

How often do you replace your brushes? 
It really depends on how often you use them. As a general rule, I would say if you start to see large amounts of bristles breaking off onto your face or if the bristles start feeling scratchy, it’s time to invest in some new tools.

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