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The DJs Beauty Team

Facial Fix: Dermalogica Skin Treatment

Humid climates, rainy conditions, multi-season days — transeasonal weather not only plays havoc with our social diary (how do you know what to wear?!) but also on our skin. Partnered with constant exposure to air conditioning, it's enough to make a girl seek out sanctuary for a little rejuvenation and TLC.

And the DJs Beauty Team did just that during one lunchtime visit to the Dermalogica counter at David Jones, where it wasn't just about getting pampered, though we left feeling very much so, but also an education on our skin's health and how to treat it right.

The Skin Issues

Dehydrated skin resulting in flaky and rough textured skin

Treatment time
45 mins
The Treatment

Greeted warmly by Dermalogica therapist Rea, we were guided to the Skin Bar where we talked skin goals and common skin ailments. The treatment we've booked for is The Core Treatment, but Rea tells me that each client gets a customised treatment based on their skin analysis and needs. The foundation of each facial service is about making sure the treatment is right for the client's skin; it's not a one size fits all approach, which suits us just fine.

Following the skin analysis,we were ushered into the dedicated treatment room behind the counter, inviting with its warm ambience and soft lighting. Rea, who is a trained beauty therapist, has been working with Dermalogica for 8 years — "I've treated almost every type of skin issue," she tells me. Before starting the treatment, she does a face mapping analysis, a patented Dermalogica service, which reads which parts of your face are dehyrated, congested or prone to breakouts. She diagnoses a dehydrated T-zone and chin which results in a flaky and rough skin texture.

Rea begins with a double cleanse, turning on the facial steamer to enhance absorption into the skin, followed by exfoliation, using a combination of retail and professional products (used exclusively by registered spa therapists). She then applied a hydrating masque to give my skin a boost along with a brightening serum and eye treatment. As the final moisturising treatment is applied, we were treated to a heavenly facial massage.

Rea recommends: Skin Hydrating Booster; UltraCalming Mist

The Verdict

Smooth, nourished skin that felt clean and healthy. A post-facial skin mapping analysis revealed our skin's hydration levels have increased considerably.

Shop Dermalogica.

Dermalogica is just one of the many counters at David Jones offering beauty and skincare services. Book a treatment that's right for you.