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David Jones

Memorable Fragrances

They say your strongest memories are those attached to a certain scent or fragrance. The smell of sweet lollies can take you back to sticky summer days in your childhood, or perhaps the spicy scent of cinnamon reminds you of a winter trip to the snow. In fact, though you may not realise it, your favourite perfume probably contains a scent that reminds you of a special memory. 

The AERIN Fragrance Collection takes on this spirit with a curated range of scents that are luxurious yet personal. Inspired by her life and memories, Aerin Lauder worked with renowned fragrance house Firmenich, to create seven distinct scents that evoke experiences and memories that all women can relate to. "The effect of scent is really interesting; It can create a mood and change a feeling immediately. I wanted to create a modern wardrobe of fragrances that can be very personal to the woman who's wearing them," says Aerin.

We delve into the inspiration behind our three favourite fragrances from the collection, and how to wear them:

Amber Musk

Aerin's inspiration for Amber Musk Watch now

A warm blend of sensual florals, distinctive amber and creamy musk, this scent is all about a cozy moment on a winter's day. Whether it's getting under a blanket or curling up with a book, there's a golden warmth to this fragrance. As Aerin says, "It's a warm, inviting scent you'll want to wrap yourself in."

How to wear: Wear with a soft roll neck knit to warm you throughout winter.

AERIN Amber Musk Shop Now

Waterlily Sun

Aerin's inspiration for Waterlily Sun

Bright, dewy and fresh, this fragrance is inspired by the beautiful greens and waterlily ponds found in Claude Monet's gardens in Giverny, France, a place Aerin visited as a child. Bright Sicilian Bergamot and Lush Dewy Greens give an invigorating but luminous feeling on first application, but makes way for alluring Waterlily and softly exotic Jasmine Sambac notes for a floral, watery scent that inspires serenity and calmness. 

How to wear: Apply as an antidote to busy work days.

AERIN Waterlily Sun Shop Now

Lilac Path

Aerin's inspiration behind Lilac Path Watch Now

To Aerin, lilacs are the scent of spring. Like spring, they arrive as quickly as they depart and this fragrance captures this intoxicating scent to make the fresh smell of the season last longer. With a blend of lush fragrant Galbanum, Creamy Jasmine Lactones, soft Angelica Seed oil and Orange flower, Lilac Path is a delicate and feminine scent evoking crisp greens, rich blooms and delicate petals.

How to wear: Button it up with a chambray shirt for an easy, effortless style.

AERIN Lilac Path Shop Now