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5 fragrances stealing the limelight at our Flower Show

Flower Show

There’s never been a more beautiful time to update your personal scent.

When was the last time you bought a bottle of perfume amid 150,000 fresh flowers? If the answer is never, now’s your chance. This year’s hotly anticipated David Jones Flower Show is officially in full bloom, transforming our Elizabeth Street store into an enchanted wonderland. It's our largest public event, and you're invited to experience it while it lasts. 

An unforgettable display of all things floral and aromatic, the Flower Show is your chance to enjoy some of the most stunning blossoms from Australia and around the world, alongside an elite selection of cult fragrances.

In celebration of the event’s 32nd year, we wanted to tell you a little bit about the five fragrances stealing the limelight in our Elizabeth Street windows.  

CHANEL | Gabrielle

Spring may come but once a year, but a Chanel fragrance does not. The perfume for the woman who chooses her own path, Chanel’s latest drop, Gabrielle, empowers you to forge your own destiny. An ode to the flower itself, this monumental launch draws upon all of the floral varieties ever used in fragrances by the house – because when Chanel launches a new perfume, well, let’s just say they do it well.

In what the house describes as a scent akin to a solar vibration, Gabrielle is made from a dream flower composed by the house’s perfumer himself. The imaginary bloom creates a scent anchored in ylang-ylang, intensified jasmine and orange blossom, as well as a touch of tuberose grown in Grasse. But it’s not the flowers themselves that make this fragrance special, it’s what the perfumer has done with them. White musk notes add a velvet touch to ylang-ylang petals, while mandarin peel, grapefruit zest and blackcurrant bring out the freshness of the exotic orange blossom.

The resulting scent is not just a fragrance, it’s an aromatic revolution. This is your invitation to truly reimagine your personal scent. 

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GUCCI | Bloom

The debut fragrance of Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, Bloom captures the spirit of the contemporary, diverse and authentic Gucci woman. Inspired by a thriving garden of flowers, this fragrance unfolds enticingly and slow, much like its name suggests. Featuring notes of natural tuberose and jasmine, this parfum will delight you with its unexpectedly rich white floral scent. Anchoring the fragrances lighter notes are subtle infusions of Rangoon Creeper, a plant that changes colour when it blooms.

Boasting the ability to transport the wearer to the verdant gardens it was inspired by, Gucci Bloom is the perfect choice for the woman looking to reimagine her personal scent.


DIOR | SAUVAGE Eau de Toilette

Want to be remembered for your scent? This is the fragrance for you. Masculine, raw and noble all at once, Dior’s Sauvage’s top notes burst with the juicy freshness of Reggio di Calabria Bergamot – a fragrance note that we can confirm smells as good as it sounds. Ambroxan, derived from precious ambergris, is also detected when on the skin, unleashing a powerful woody trail as the wearer walks through the room. Lemony and slightly camphoric accents also promise to entice, releasing an almost hypnotic spicy vibration.  


PRADA | La Femme

If you’ve always been drawn to floral fragrances, Prada’s La Femme may be the scent for you. Reminiscent of traditional oriental aromas, this feminine eau de parfum offers the perfect marriage of delicious Frangipani flower and spicy ylang-ylang, anchored and softened by hints of sweet beeswax and irresistible vanilla. Fragrant finishing touches of turberose and vetiver will ensure the wearer leaves an unforgettable first impression each time they pass a stranger by. 


JO MALONE | English Oak Collection

This season Jo Malone London have cast a spell on us, and we kind of like it. The brand’s new English Oak Collection is inspired by the magic of the forest, inviting you to climb, dream and drift into sweet, aromatic reverie. If succumbing to the scents of fabled oaks, the mists of ripe redcurrants and the crunch of hazelnuts if something that piques your interest, Jo Malone London’s spellbinding new scents are most definitely for you.  


The annual David Jones Flower Show at the Elizabeth Street Store in Sydney is in its 32nd year. 30 specialist florists have spent over 10,000 hours and used 150,000 fresh flowers to design this year’s show. It is the largest public event for David Jones and runs daily from 31st August 2017 to 10th September 2017.

Celebrate the beauty of flowers

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