Breeze through checkouts with Contactless

Contactless is fast, easy and convenient. Simply look for the following symbol and the American Express logo on a checkout reader, then hold your Card against it and you're done. For most transactions there is no signing, no PIN.

Contactless technology is gaining momentum and American Express are working with more and more merchants to ensure you can take full advantage of Contactless.

If you don't see the Contactless and American Express logos on the terminal you can still use your Card by swiping or inserting it into the terminal.

As always, security is our first priority and no matter whether you're using Contactless, your PIN or signing, you'll be safeguarded by the American Express Fraud Protection Guarantee.

How does this benefit me?

  • Chip technology makes it difficult to duplicate or access data stored on your card. As a result, chip cards provide enhanced protection against fraud from lost, stolen or counterfeit cards
  • Contactless saves you time at the checkout