Chip FAQs

What is a chip card?

A ‘chip’ card is a David Jones American Express Card that has a microchip is embedded in the card.  The chip allows you to select your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) and use it to complete transactions on your card, which is particularly handy at self service terminals.

Chip cards have a metal square shown on the front of the card above the account number.

How do I use a chip card?

How you use your Card will depend on what type of terminal the merchant is using.

Your chip card can still be swiped in exactly the same way as you do today.The only difference is that as merchants upgrade their terminals they will ask you to insert your Card and you will be required to use your PIN to complete your point of sale transactions.

If you are in any doubt about how to use your Card, simply follow the prompts on the terminal.

Are chip cards more secure than magnetic stripe cards?

Security is our number one priority so regardless of whether your Card has a chip or not you’ll be protected by American Express Fraud Protection Guarantee. This means provided you take reasonable care with your account details and do not unreasonably delay in notifying us if you notice a charge you don’t recognise, you won't be held liable for any fraudulent charges.

Can I use my chip card in an ATM?

To use your David Jones American Express Card in an ATM you must be enrolled in Cash Advance.  If you already have a PIN for Cash Advance, please note that this PIN has not been transferred to your new card.  You will need to set up a new PIN. You can select the same PIN you previously used if you like.

The PIN you use will be the same for both ATM cash withdrawals and for purchases made at merchant terminals.

I don’t have a chip card.  Can I continue to use my card post August 1, 2014?

After 1 August 2014, Australian issued magnetic-stripe cards without an embedded-chip will still be able to use signature for authorisation; most of these cards will be replaced with chip-enabled cards by March 2015.

When will I receive a chip card?

You will receive your chip card shortly before your current Card expires. Until then you can continue to use your existing David Jones American Express Card as normal. 

If you would like to receive a chip card before your current Card expires you can contact us on the number on the back of your current Card and request a replacement chip card.

Does the chip change any of the other features on my Card?

There are no other changes to the features or benefits of your Card.