Kat Harley and Laura Bailey, the pair behind Sydney synth pop band Mezko, were high-fiving by the end of their first beer. Playing together for three-and-a-half years, it’s only been the two of them since the beginning of this one. They’ve got two singles out, have played during Vivid, and are constantly picking up new instruments and technologies to discover.

What does Mezko sound like?

Kat: We go with synth pop and electric pop and use Kraut as well as it’s an influence for us in the types of beats we use… We bring in all of the different genres that influence us. At the moment we’re working on a disco song because we both love disco – we don’t have to be a disco band to use those sorts of beats and rhythms.

Who are your favourite bands?

Laura: We could go by decade really.

Kat: We could even go by instrument really. One of the key things we’re trying to do is combine electronic instruments and organic, real instruments. It’s very much about Air, Primal Scream…

Laura: And a lot of English artists at that time in the 90s.

What’s Mezko’s style like?

Laura: Pretty androgynous. We want to not let anything but the music speak for us.

Kat: I think it’s all about getting in that headspace to get up on stage and be the best you can be, so whatever can help with that.

What silhouettes do you like?

Laura: If we could be a feminine Jarvis Cocker… I’d love to have a tea party with Jarvis Cocker and we could swap fashion notes and swap clothes and then run away really fast.

Kat: He’s such an incredible human. He’s the best.