She’s going through a sporty phase. “I like teaming everything with runners and I don’t like ironing much. I like to wear one thing that’s oversized, one thing that’s tight, and always joggers. And always braids.” Luen Jacobs is a DJ and curator of music for dance floors, mixtapes and parties. She tells us she can sometimes be entrepreneurial too. She was the girl behind the early Sydney and Melbourne Vice parties who would get on the decks just so she could pay the bands more money.

What is style?

A visual reflection of your personality at that moment in time; it’s ever changing according to your mood.

What do you like to perform in?

I tend to wear heeled boots on stage and a lot of mesh. I find because I work in a male-dominated industry I don’t like to be too flashy, but I’m trying to change that. I’m trying to up my flashy and represent FKA twigs a little bit more.

Who’s got it going on?

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and TLC – they had really great feminine qualities but were never too sexy. They played off their image really well without playing off their sexuality too much.

What music are you into?

I’m really into the label Stones Throw Records. I’ve recently discovered Karriem Riggins who is also a great jazz drummer and producer. He melds hip-hop and jazz together but it’s really glitchy. I’m also obsessed with Jonwayne, who is on the same label.

Toughest part of your creative outlets?

I think if you’re having a bad day your creativity suffers, and having the confidence and strength can be draining sometimes. You have to continue to keep your head up.