Kristy Lee Peters is a producer, songwriter, vocalist and the DJ that plays house music so well she was signed to EMI. Her real-world fashion go-tos include miniskirts, T-shirts and sneakers, while in the booth it’s all leather jackets, fringing and vintage silhouettes.

What’s your style?

Casual-dressy: dressy on top, casual on the bottom.

Favourite hobby?

Dressing up and going out for a fancy dinner. Can that be a hobby?

How’d you get into DJing?

I had a boyfriend at the end of high school that had turntables, I’d pick out records based on how pretty I thought the cover was and just stand there and mix in his room. I eventually started throwing parties and the two just went together.

Major musical influence?

When I was younger I would go to a party in Sydney called Mad Racket. They played really cool, underground house music.

Current favourites?

I’m really excited about the house music that’s coming out right now – it’s less about this crazy drop and more about the groove. I’m loving this song by Claptone called “Puppet Theatre”, and there’s another artist called Julio Bashmore and his song “Holding On”.

The dream?

When I’m 50 to still be entertaining or doing music. Who knows what the hell that would be, but that’s the dream.