Grace Coddington is her style icon. The editor likes to clash, and that’s exactly where artist Kitty Callaghan is at. She’s been making collages since she was 12, and now she gets to do it as part of her job. Everything is done by hand at the start, then she it scans it in and finishes it with Photoshop.

What’s your style like?

It’s a mix of what is comfortable and the mood I’m in. I like denim; it’s simple and works well on tall girls.

The wildest outfit you’ve ever worn?

I went through a phase when I only wore pink. Hot pink, baby pink, pink pink pink. I suppose I would have looked pretty wild in the morning on the way to work.

Current favourite colour?

People always tell me certain colours work for me, but I always end up going to black – it’s so much easier. I guess when I’m feeling more daring I wear colour. The worst is when you’re getting ready for the day and you put on a crazy outfit and think, ‘What am I wearing?’. That happens to me a lot.

Your proudest job?

Working with Ellery. I also got to interview Mac DeMarco for Luen’s zine and made a really silly piece.

Art heroes?

I love Gerhard Richter and Peter Beard.

What are you working on now?

I’m trying to build up my own body of work. I’ve been so fortunate to be commissioned for quite a few things this year I haven’t had time to do what I want. I’m hoping for the next couple of months to just do my own stuff.

What are you obsessed with?

The boring answer would be avocados. I also love colours – pastels in particular.