Gemma O’Brien pushes fonts to make them pictures in themselves. You would have seen her creations in editorials or as large-scale murals, or the seemingly simple (but in fact very considered) handwritten wordmark logo of Angus & Julia Stone.

What is style?

It’s your personal take on something, whether it’s clothes, design or a combination of your tastes or interests in a visual form.

What is your style like?

In terms of what I wear and what I like, it’s quite simple – I like the idea of things being effortless. So much of my time I dedicate to creating work, it has to fit into that. If I’m painting I’ll wear jeans and a T-shirt, basically something that’s very comfortable and can get dirty. And it’s always stretch jeans because in my pocket I have my paintbrushes and my phone to listen to music.

Favourite fragrance?

Kenzo’s Madly Kenzo. It kind of smells fruity but it’s not overly sweet. It’s summery and a little bit floral.

If money were no object what would you buy?

I think I would like to buy the ideal studio set-up – to build the dream studio from scratch with all of the paper drawers and more, but also in a rainforest and near a beach.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I get inspiration wherever I travel. I think being on a plane and not being able to do anything is a great place to come up with ideas.

Your dream commission?

I used to say I wanted to design something for Jerry Seinfeld – I don’t know what, I think it was just more of a way of meeting him. I also like the idea of designing something that would go into space, like the exterior of a really beautiful spaceship.